Welcome to the Australian Hovercraft Association

Line of hovercraft at OzHover 2019
A part of the flyby at OzHover 2019

Hovercraft are unique vehicles that let you explore places that are inaccessible to anything else! If you’re thinking of getting into Hovercraft we can help! Whether you want to build, restore or buy a hovercraft or simply want to take advantage of the many Club discounts on parts and equipment (that frequently save more than your membership fee alone) then we have something for you.

As well as flying hovercraft, also known as ACV’s (Air Cushioned Vehicles), our members can be found building hovercraft from plans and kits. Many even design them from scratch (not one for the novice!) and will gladly offer sound practical advice. Of course you don’t need to build your own hovercraft, you can always get a production hovercraft from one of the many hovercraft manufacturers we have listed.

Before getting your first Hover craft please take time to get free advice from our members, they could save you more than just money! You’ll always find new and used Hovercraft For Sale on our site. Wherever you get your hovercraft, we are here to guide and help you enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Within our forums you will find advice on hovercraft buying, safety, building and maintenance. There are also guides and links to hovercraft plans and projects. You can also benefit from direct help from our friendly club members.

The Australian Hovercraft Association Inc is a fully independent body dedicated to encouraging and developing the safe, considerate and sustainable use of recreational hovercraft. As the representative body for cruising hovercraft owners we actively lobby to protect the rights of our members.