OzHover 2021 postponed

Recently, the Organising Committee met to decide whether to proceed with OzHover 2021 at Barmera in late September.

The Committee members had polled their Branches on the likely attendance for the rally weekend. As you might expect, many people have either decided to not go or are pulling out.

So we came to inevitable conclusion to postpone the National Rally.

Just postpone, not cancel.

We are looking at alternative dates (most likely in April 2022) and even locations to hold the rally. Nothing has been decided yet and we will let you know as soon as we can. The key issue is that we don’t consider the rally cancelled, just postponed. We intend to give everyone lots of notice of the new dates once they’ve been decided.

If you have made any bookings for accommodation, you should check with your provider about cancellations.

Some members have said that they will still go to Barmera on the rally weekend if they can, so we will leave the permits that have already been obtained in place. The rally will now be a Hovercraft Club of South Australia rally. Bruno Davids has been doing his usual brilliant organising job managing the change of plans and updating and cancelling pemits.

Anyone intending to still go in September will need to communicate directly with Bruno.

Hopefully we can give information on the new dates within the next few months.

Please stay safe.

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