Oz Rally 2022

A big congratulation to the rally organizers. A great rally was had, and was well worth the 700+ km travel, but that was a short trip compared to Steven Odgaard from Qld, let alone Jeremy Ludlow and family from WA, travelling 1800 and 2600 km.

Leaving home at 7 am with grand son Jet on the Thursday, we arrived at Discovery Caravan park around 3.30, having been in constant touch with other members via WhatsApp, set up for communication for the rally.

Having parked the hover and set up what little there is in setting up a cabin, and on a quick walk to the lake shore, I caught up with Stuart. As a discussion about dinner was had, a msg from Rachel came, suggesting a meal at the pub was happening. A great meal, and a couple of ales capped of a long day.


Started of a pleasant day but the wind increased somewhat later on for the lake cruise scheduled at 3 pm. In the meantime, as most craft now were on site, Paul Moody thought it a good idea doing the scrutineering of as many craft as possible.

At 3 pm the craft for the lake cruise set out for a bit of a bumpy ride the 16 km around the lake, lead by Bruno, who seem to think a craft cruises best at 50 +km/h, and it appears his does, but that left a few craft in the wake so he had to do a few circles back waiting forothers to catch up.

Having returned to base after the lake cruise, mother nature decided to take a leak, and most members managed to return to the caravan park before haven opened up. Thankfully it didn’t last to long and was all over by the meet and greet BBQ that was onat 6 pm.

A feast was cooked on the site BBQ’s and a few drinks were downed, in to the early hours for some.


Was the main day, with most events run on the day. Rather than a long write up, a few pictures with a caption will hopefully cover the day. During the day, the ABC radio
did a interview with Rachel and was broadcast on the Monday.

The resident photographer also visited, and for anybody wanting to see his photos, follow the link
here, as he have given us free access to all his photos.
Thank you very much Grant Schwartzkopff.

A fitting ending to an eventful Saturday was enjoyed with a great sun set, as well as a
delicious dinner at the local footy club.


A perfect day for flying, and a lake cruise was first cap of the rank, followed by another cork scramble and a beach ball event. Lunch was also on the agendas, thanks to Trevor and Josie who had managed to supply 25 pizzas even that the local pizza shop had refused to open to supply them. After lunch the presentation was done as well as an official wrap up of the rally.

Gold ShirtTrevor Barrett
Cork ScrambleFlemming & Jet JensenPaul Mott & Jerico LudlowRachel & Abigail Smithson
Spin DashIvan Price – 23.39Paul Mott – 23.98Peter Streader – 25.82
Straight Line SprintPaul MottRachel SmithsonPeter Streader
SlalomRodd Westwood – 44.85Peter Streader – 47.77Paul Mott – 48.92
OrienteeringRachel, Abigail & Alexandra SmithsonJeremy LudlowPeter Streader
EncouragementTim Russo
AppreciationBruno Davids Jr.

Sunday night ended up in the BBQ hut and all agreed that it had been a fantastic event and well run and organized. Some members left on the Monday morning, while others stayed behind for a cruise to the
Murray, but it never eventuated due to potential bad weather.

The trip home was somewhat marred with bad weather, both on the Monday and from Peter Streader’s account of the drive home. Tuesday had been a nightmare trip due to heavy rain. Information is that all are home safe . It was a great weekend.

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