OzHover 2023 – the Arthur Stead Memorial Rally


Hosted by Queensland Hovercraft, the Queensland Branch of the AHA, this year we’re travelling to Lake Coolmunda for our national rally. A family focussed event, craft will come from all over Australia to take part in events testing the performance of craft and the skills of the pilots.

The rally is a memorial remembering Arthur Stead who passed away late last year. Arthur was a much loved and valued member of the hovercraft fraternity giving freely of his time negotiating with government entities, web site construction, national rallies and preparing and leading one of the longest hovercraft adventures on the Murray river.

Arthur is sadly missed by all who knew him. 



Event Registration

8 thoughts on “OzHover 2023 – the Arthur Stead Memorial Rally”

  1. Hi Oz Hover Organisers,

    Is there a list of the registered people and craft who are coming that can be posted?

    It’s good to see who is attending and it builds anticipation.

    Just my thoughts.

    86 days 11 hours 46 minutes and 27 seconds

  2. There’s been an update to registration and shirt sizing, sizes haven’t changed just more info, and there was also a correction to a conflict in dates on the page, cut off for memorabilia is 28 August 2023.

    I can’t stress enough, if you want memorabilia then at least order that before 28 August. After that availability is only while stocks last.


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