OzHover 2023 – the Arthur Stead Memorial Rally – Scrutineering


Friday 22rd. – Sunday 24th SEPTEMBER 2023

2PM – 4PM

ACV Scrutiny

Scrutineer is LES TAYLOR ph. 0410-448 075 and inspection will generally be available after 2pm Friday.

This year we are trialing a self-assessment process using the guidelines listed below and there will be random checks carried out prior to participation. The registration process requires a declaration be made that your craft meets these guidelines.

The below list should not be taken as the only items considered as other issues may arise. As experienced pilots and owners we should all practice common sense and safety.

If any item is in doubt please the contact the scrutineer or one of your peers.

The scrutiny of craft will be required to be completed satisfactorily only once and before participation in the rally.

Please print out this check sheet for reference and ensure that you enter craft and personal details during registration or upon arrival at the rally.


GENERAL      ACV registration current in Australian state. Check expiry date of inflatable PFD’s and other safety equipment carried eg. flares, epirb, etc. If it is out of date and not required then remove it.

HULL             Sound condition, bungs fitted, adequate buoyancy, no sharp projections that might injure driver or other persons eg. loose screws, trim, etc.

FAN/S           Must have screens on the intake side with a maximum grid opening of 50 mm.  X  50 mm. Welded mesh or similar is suitable.

NB. Flexible mesh such as chicken wire in NOT PERMITTED.

ENGINE/S     No fuel leaks, mounting points and exhaust secure.

DRIVE LINE  Drive belts and pulleys to be guarded. Drive shafts to have adequate means of restraint in the event of breakage or disconnection. eg. pillow block mounts or anti-flay straps.

FUEL TANK   May be integral type or removable type with security restraint to prevent inadvertent movement, no leaks.

BATTERY      Must be securely restrained and terminals guarded.

CONTROLS   Must have full and free movement of rudders, elevators, steering controls and cables. Check the cable sheath ends for security. Rudder and elevator hinges should not have excessive wear.

THROTTLE    May be hands free (friction control or similar) but must have a kill switch with lanyard. Throttle with spring return to idle does not require a kill switch.

LIGHTS          Must have flashing amber light mounted at high position and visible in bright daylight. Not required for interstate craft when not operating at night or in conditions of low visibility per MSQ advice.

EMERG. EQUIP.      Required by MARITINE SAFETY QLD. for smooth waters in daylight.

  • Appropriate PFD to current Aust. standard for each person on board.

NB Rally requirement is for PFD to be ALWAYS WORN whilst on the water.

  • Fire Extinguisher – mandatory for craft 5 metres and larger, 0.9kg minimum size –
  • Fire Extinguisher – recommended for craft shorter than 5 metres
  • Navigation lights not required for daylight operations.
  • The following equipment is not required for smooth waters in Qld but is recommended to be carried:
    • V sheet
    • flares
    • paddles
    • pumping/bailing equipment
    • anchor and rope

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