How the web site works

There are four “types” of visitors to this web site:
  • Guests
  • Registered users
  • AHA members
  • AHA officials

Each group has a different level of access to the various sections of the web site.

Guests (anyone who hasn’t registered and logged in) can:

  • See a welcome home page encouraging registration
  • View the content of any of the Open Forums
  • See the list of calendar events (but only read about an event if it’s in the General forum)
  • View the details of each event if it has been posted in one of the open forums
  • Browse any of the public Galleries (not the craft registration/licence images gallery)
  • Guests cannot post anything, use the PM system or read posts in any other areas – search engine spiders (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) are guests.

Registered Users (registered but not AHA members) can:

  • Do everything that Guests can
  • See a welcome page encouraging them to join the club
  • Post to the General Forum a maximum of 20 times.

AHA Members
 (financial members joined through a branch or via website) can:

  • Do everything that Registered members can
  • Post to any of the Open forums
  • View the content of any of the AHA Member Area forums
  • Post to the Hover Talk, Builders Corner and reply to threads in the Cruise Site Guide forum
  • Add new threads or reply to their own thread in the Maintenance forum
  • View and add images to any of the Gallery categories
  • Add and edit events in the Calendar

AHA Officials can:

  • Do everything that AHA Members can
  • Post to any forums
  • Use the craft and licence administration functions
  • Download the membership database
  • Moderate (modify, delete, move) posts

This is how it is currently set up – it can be changed should anyone have any other suggestions.  Note that the Committee Discussion forum is viewable to all club members but can only be posted to by AHA Officials.  If you aren’t a official and would like to comment on anything you see in this forum then please either email any committee member or start a new thread in the Hover Talk forum.